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Useful (and Credible) resources on Coronavirus

Mar 20, 2020 10:37:58 AM / by Erik Soderborg

Information is Power

We live in a time where anyone and everyone can create and share content. Unfortunately, this can lead to false information and rumors that spread like wildfire, causing panic and decisions made on lies or inaccurate information. 

To illustrate this point, on Wednesday, March 18th there was a 5.7 earthquake in Utah. Shortly thereafter, a viral post spread stating to expect an even larger earthquake in 2 hours and to prepare to flee the valley. There was panic at local gas stations and grocery stores as people prepared for "the big one" to hit.

It never did, and it was later revealed that this was a hoax. I fell for it...

So, to help with things like this as they relate to coronavirus we have put together a few helpful links from agencies and institutions that we feel are credible sources for the latest news on the covid-19 pandemic. 


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The CDC is a credible source for news, guidelines, recommendations, and updates that relate to most diseases and especially coronavirus. They have several resources for you and your family and support multiple languages. CDC Coronavirus Page


The World Health Organization (WHO)

WHO is an international entity that is tracking the coronavirus throughout the globe. They provide frequent updates on how the pandemic (they are the organization that officially classified this as a pandemic) is affecting the world. WHO Coronavirus Page


Johns Hopkins University & Medicine

Johnn Hopkins University and Medicine is one of the leading medical research facilities in the world. They have been tracking the coronavirus spread and impact globally and have a user-friendly site with current information. Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Page



There are a lot of sources out there. Many have the best of intentions. Many others make a profit off of clicks and attention. We have listed three entities that we believe have the public's best interest in mind as content and news is shared on these sites. 

Stay safe and stay smart so we can all stop the spread of Coronavirus. 

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Erik Soderborg

Written by Erik Soderborg

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