Navigating COBRA Options: Federal and Mini COBRA with EMI Health


The world of healthcare can be complex, and understanding your options is crucial. COBRA, or the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, is a vital piece of legislation that provides certain employees and their dependents the ability to continue their health insurance coverage after termination of benefits. There are two types: Federal COBRA and Mini COBRA (State Continuation).


Federal COBRA: Accessible to Many

Who Qualifies?

One of the most significant benefits of Federal COBRA is its accessibility. To be eligible, you simply need to be on benefits. After termination, you can enjoy non-COBRA benefits until the last day of the month you were terminated. You must have been enrolled in benefits one full day in order to qualify for Federal COBRA. There are no additional eligibility regulations.

Duration of Coverage

Under Federal COBRA, individuals are entitled to 18 months of continued coverage. However, in the case of specific life-changing events such as the death of a spouse or bankruptcy of the employer, coverage can extend up to 36 months. Dependents on the policy will also have the option to continue with COBRA. Please contact EMI Health for more information on different durations of coverage.

Group Size Requirement

Federal COBRA is available for organizations with 20 or more employees.


The good news is that the COBRA administration fee is waived for those enrolled in Federal COBRA. This ensures that you can seamlessly continue your health coverage when you need it most.



Who Qualifies?

Qualifications vary depending on which state the policy holder is in as well as the employer. You may enroll in medical, dental, and vision insurance, just like Federal COBRA. EMI Health does not handle the administration of Telemedicine services under COBRA. However, if Telemedicine services are administered by another entity, policyholders may still have access to them. For more information the member would need to contact the COBRA administrator.

State-Specific Rules

Now, let's explore Mini COBRA coverage in a few select states:

Utah: In Utah, Mini COBRA is available to those who have had coverage with EMI Health for at least three consecutive months before their termination. Residents in Utah will be granted 12 months of continued coverage.

- Arizona: Qualifying for Mini COBRA in Arizona requires the policy holder to have had coverage with EMI Health for at least three consecutive months before termination. After termination in Arizona, Mini COBRA offers 18 months of coverage.

- Texas: In Texas, policy holders are still required to be on benefits with EMI Health at least three consecutive months. The duration of benefits in Texas is 15 months for Mini COBRA.

Note: If you qualify for Federal COBRA, you can extend your coverage for up to 9 months. However, if you were fully insured, an extra 6 months of Mini COBRA coverage may be available.

- Georgia: To be eligible for Mini COBRA in Georgia, you need to have had coverage with EMI Health for 6 consecutive months. The coverage duration for individuals is 3 months.

Remember that COBRA provides a safety net, allowing you to maintain vital healthcare coverage during transitional periods. It's essential to make informed decisions about your coverage options, especially in times of change.


A Choice to Make

COBRA is an essential tool that ensures your access to healthcare doesn't end when your employment does. While navigating the intricacies of Federal and Mini COBRA can be confusing, it's crucial to understand your options and make the choice that best suits your circumstances. EMI Health is here to guide you through these options and provide the support you need during this transition.

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