The National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP)

A collaboration to prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Our long-standing relationship with Magellan Rx Management (MRx) has added years to our members' lives. Consistent with the goal of helping us live healthier, more vibrant lives, an additional service to help prevent or delay Type 2 Diabetes is available now through MRx. We are now enrolling participants for the Diabetes Prevention Program recognized by the CDC to help prevent or delay Type 2 Diabetes.

MRx Navigate wellness coaches are trained in The CDC-recognized curriculum and are here to help you make lasting changes to your daily life. Coaching around healthy eating, adding more physical activity to your routine, and improving coping skills, are a few ways our wellness coaches can support you in living a healthier, more vibrant life.


More about the Diabetes Prevention Program
  • It is a CDC-recognized curriculum with lessons, handouts, and other resources to help you make healthy changes.
  • You will have a lifestyle coach, specially trained to lead the program, to help you learn new skills, encourage you to set and meet goals, and keep you motivated. The coach will also facilitate discussions and help make the program fun and engaging.
  • You will have a support group of people with similar goals and challenges. Together, you can share ideas, celebrate successes, and work to overcome obstacles.
  • The DPP is a year-long program aimed at delaying or preventing type 2 diabetes.


To learn more about the program, whether you are eligible to participate, and how to enroll, please email MRx at or call us at 1-855-586-2568.


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